Freshly Baked All Day

Taste of Romance

Cinnamon Roll  

Roti dengan rasa kayu manis yang di baluri gula cair

Red Velvet  

Sponge red velvet dengan cheese butter cream, chocolate ganache, red velvet crumble, chocolate garnish

Raisin Roll  

Roti dengan rasa kismis yang di baluri gula cair

Black Forest  

Sponge coklat dengan vanilla whipped cream, chocolate shaving, dark sweet cherry, cherry sirup dan chocolate ball

Delight in every Bite

With the assorted range of bakery & cake collection, Jawara Roti & Kue offers French-Asian bakery for everyone. This is why Jawara Roti & Kue always ensure to deliver fresh baked delights from the kitchen as well as to always make them feel at home.

Nastar, Blueberry Dahlia Butter Cookies, Checkered Cookies, Espresso Cashew Cookies

Rp. 500.000

Nastar, Blueberry Dahlia Butter Cookies, Checkered Cookies, Salju Kenari, Skippy

Rp. 550.000

Nastar, Butter Almond Chocolate, Salju Kenari, Cranberry Cookies, Kaastengel Cookies

Rp. 600.000

Nastar, Kaastengel Cookies, Skippy, Espresso Cashew Cookies, Danish Butter Cookies, Mix Nut

Rp. 650.000

Nastar Cheese, Strawberry Dahlia Butter Cookies, Hazelnut Cookies, Mocha Cookies, Milano Nutella, Salju Kenari

Rp. 700.000

Nastar Cheese, Candy Vanilla Cookies, Blueberry Dahlia Butter Cookies, Skippy, Chocolate Chip Cashew Cookies, Almond Chocolate

Rp. 750.000

Nastar, Milano Nutella, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hazelnut Cookies, Strawberry Dahlia Butter Cookies, Candy Vanilla Cookies, Domino, Salju Kenari

Rp. 800.000

Nastar, Espresso Cashew Cookies, Salju Kenari, Candy Vanilla Cookies, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blueberry Dahlia Butter Cookies, Hazelnut Cookies

Rp. 850.000

Nastar, Kaastengel Cookies, Salju Kenari, Cashew Cocoa Butter Cookies, Milano Nutella, Chocolate Chip Cashew Cookies, Checkered Cookies, Danish Butter Cookies

Rp. 900.000